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Pictures in Confezione Delfi (Homepage R3 Consulting, R3 Group page, Confezione Delfi Page, Engineer3d Page): photographer Viola Azzolin <inFexx>

Pictures of Engineer3d (Homepage R3 Consulting, Engineer3d Page):  photographer Buero Ludwina

Icon 1 - Homepage: <a href="" title="circular economy icons">Circular economy icons created by Freepik - Flaticon</a>

Icon 2 - Homepage: <a href="" title="esg icons">Esg icons created by redempticon - Flaticon</a>

Icon 3 - Homepage: <a href="" title="transparency icons">Transparency icons created by Iconpro86 - Flaticon</a>

Icon 4 - Homepage: <a href="" title="certificate icons">Certificate icons created by HideMaru - Flaticon</a>

Icon 2 - Engineer3d: <a href="" title="size icons">Size icons created by Good Ware - Flaticon</a>

Icon 3 - Engineer3d: <a href="" title="size icons">Size icons created by kmg design - Flaticon</a>

Icon 1 - Engineer3d: <a href="" title="fashion designer icons">Fashion designer icons created by manshagraphics - Flaticon</a>

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